We're home to four incredible venues

Z Space empowers artistic risk, collaboration, and camaraderie amongst artists, audience, and community in the service of creating, developing, and presenting new work. Operating out of an old can factory in the Mission District of San Francisco, Z Space now activates two performance spaces, an 85-seat black box and a 244-seat main stage, with a warehouse aesthetic and an adventurous edge. 

Eschewing traditional theater models with fixed seasons and a singular artistic vision, Z Space strives to embrace a multitude of artistic voices through a variety of programs and partnerships. We meet the needs of our communities by providing co-productions and subsidized space, hosting open “salons” to have conversations about the issues facing the broader community, and ensuring that all of our venues and facilities are welcoming and accessible. Some of our regular partners have been: Word for Word (the resident theater company of Z Space since our founding in 1993), piece by piece productions, Youth Speaks, Sean Dorsey Dance, Fresh Meat Festival, 3 Girls Theatre, AXIS Dance, Chitresh Das, and Misfits Cabaret. 

Check out Z Space’s upcoming season of work. 

Z Space is located on the West side of our complex at: 

450 Florida St, San Francisco, CA 94110


In April 2011, Joe Goode Performance Group moved into the Joe Goode Annex, a part of Project Artaud in the heart of the Mission District. 

The Annex houses the JGPG administrative offices, is the primary rehearsal space for Joe Goode Performance Group, and serves as a multipurpose community venue available to rent for classes, workshops, performances, and special events.

“I hope to create a space to experiment, a space to explore new perspectives on performance as a living and talking art form. San Francisco has always been known as a hotbed for people who are thinkers and visionaries about alternative arts with new ideas around performance. I don’t ever want that to go away.” —Joe Goode

Check out Joe Goode Performance Group’s upcoming works. 

Joe Goode Annex is located on East side of our Complex at:  

401 Alabama St, San Francisco, CA 94110



Theatre of Yugen is an innovative theatre ensemble that is rooted in Noh drama and Kyogen comedy, the oldest continuous theatre traditions of Japan. Fusing contemporary and classical materials, we create and offer intercultural theatrical experiences that engage and inspire diverse peoples in the San Francisco Bay Area and the world.

Founded in 1978 by Yuriko Doi, Theatre of Yugen is an experimental ensemble dedicated to the pursuit of the intangible essence of yugen (幽玄)—yu (“profound” and “tranquil”) and gen (“mysterious”). With a foundation in Japanese noh drama and kyogen satire—the world’s oldest living style of theatre (over 600 years old)—Yugen creates works of world theatre by crafting original material and exploring dramatic and literary classics. 

Check out Theater of Yugen’s upcoming works. 

Theater of Yugen is located the South side of our complex at: 

2840 Mariposa St, San Francisco, CA 94110




Nested within Project Artaud, a 50-year-old experimental live/work arts co-operative that birthed Theater Artaud and Southern Exposure Art Gallery in the 1970s, SPACE 124 is the most recent project space to thrive in our compound.  We proudly serve our Mission District neighborhood, arts educators, and local, national and international artists who otherwise would not have access to affordable space in San Francisco.  


 SPACE 124 hosts short and long-term residencies, provides arts programming and technical support, and collaborates with resident dancers, visual and sound artists, filmmakers, sculptors, poets, and playwrights (amongst others) to realize their dreams. Since 2015, local and regional artists have utilized SPACE 124 for rehearsals, collaborations, productions, performances, gallery shows, build-outs, and projects of all kinds.

Check out SPACE 124’s upcoming works. 

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