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The very beginning!

I was a founding member in 1971. The entire story and a selection of photographs appear on this webpage: Let me know if you would like to see the entire collection. The page I’ve submitted was put together by Mari Eliza a long time ago, But since I haven’t found any of my images on your site, I though I’d let you know about something special you are missing. Thanks for your consideration. Marino Colmano

Fold Unfold

Janice Taylor

Karen,10 Jan 2017

I noticed Janice Taylor is not on the current members list. Do you have any contact info for her? Mahalo!

First Family

JEFF GRIFFIN,10 Mar 2017

My father, Jim Griffin & mother, Joan Griffin were the first live in tenants in Project Artaud. My brother, Jason was the first person to sleep overnite as a resident. My parents lease the infirmary in the Crib Wing. At the time I was living at Project One on the corner 10th & Howard St as an Urban Guerilla. I took residency January 1972. While I was there I slept on the Roof, In the warehouse crane(not easy), the hose building school house on the second floor and was in general anyplace and every place there for the nest 2 years. Living in Artaud at that time was an amazing experience. All kinds of peoples. And many of the residents were artists only in their ability to convince others they were. I would be curios to know if there are still any of the original residents still part of the effort there.
Bom Shiva!

Project Artaud 1971

Bill Andresen,31 Jul 2017

I visited Project Artaud a few times with my buddy Pete in the fall of 1971. We were budding Architects involved with Project One at 10th & Howard and were using you folks as a template.

Project Artaud 1971-1972

Lee Farrington,22 Oct 2017

I remember visiting Project Artaud several times in 1971-72. I was part of a small group of friends/dancers and we would generally come by after dance class around the corner at Margaret Jenkins dance studio. I remember doing some improvisational pieces but we must have kept our shoes on because the floor was unfinished, lots of splinters! It was a wonderful cavernous space. So filled with possibility and energy. I remember the house being built in one section. Everything was just so huge and raw. Anything was possible. Such a creative and magical period of time and we were all so young.

Project Artaud mid 70's

Sharon,23 Jun 2018

My friend D. lived there in a shared group space but later rented a smaller one to live in with his dismantled MG which he wanted to restore. I wonder whatever happened to it? I know what happened to him; we reconnected and got married four years ago.

The Vault

Ken Short,21 Nov 2018

I spent many nights in The Vault at the beginning. Curious about how it has been incorporated into Artaud’s history

Housing for the artist

Julia Napier,12 Jul 2019


Am going over your website...a co-worker and fellow painter/ IATSE Union Journey-woman, Carrie Nardello, suggested i check out the housing/history, etc, and get on the wait list...i am currently working on a new portfolio...and theater working with mentors with SCORE (entrepreneurial help) on the business side of things. We all agree, it’s time to be around artists in a better neighborhood. My studio (for the past 9 years) has been in East Oakland, which is great...however, getting clients to come out there, has been a challenge...i volunteered with Artaud about 15 years ago, painting walls for a group show... would love to start being a part of it again... would very much like to live there... it’d be worth the wait!
Take care!

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