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Rocket Studio

I lived at Project Artaud in 1976-77 in the Rocket Studio on the first floor. (The door had a painting of a rocket on it and lettering: Peter’s Rocket Studio?? or something like that) There was also a little door in one of the windowpanes on the wall of windows that faced out to a parking lot. The kitchen was a skinny long sectioned-off area with a fridge and a sink. (and it was dark! I wonder if I rented the same place as Bijou O’Keefe?) There was NO toilet (had to use the public restroom down that gigantic hall that trucks used to drive – I remember some guy hitting on me while visiting that bathroom!) The Rocket Studio also had a little shower that connected with the space next door. I slept on a raised platform/stage that was near the little door hatch in the windows. No curtains on any of those windows and I don’t think there was any heat…although I don’t remember being cold OR hot. There was an artist down the hall who collected all sorts of gigantic old computer equipment and made sculptures out of them. His entire space was completely filled with ‘stuff’ with only a tiny aisle to walk through his space. That studio was amazingly crowded with most everything you could imagine all the way up to the ceiling. (Remember how big old computers were back then) He had a big garage door that opened into his space. There was also an artist on the 2nd or 3rd floor that created beautiful large (6 – 10 ft wide) drawings in colored pencils of many versions of ‘wrapped boxes’. I don’t remember his name but I’ve always wondered how he’s doing. I drew a logo in 1977 that was up in the parking lot for a long time called “Studio Eremos”. I’ll scan it for you. How’s life in Project Artaud now? There was never a dull moment when I lived there! Connie Fisher

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Bijou,27 Aug 2012

Connie, You preceded me. I moved in in 1978. I'm still here and a lot has changed. And there is the constant of never being a dull moment. For one thing, we had to bring the building up to code in 1989. No small deal. I now have a kitchen, a bathroom and a nice bamboo floor. The neighbors have 'rolled over' and things have been amazingly gentrified in the 'hood.
So, where are you now?

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bijou okeefe,03 Nov 2012

Hi. Things have changed considerably. With the crowded studio, I think you are referring to C-Ray. He is no longer with us. It was a big deal when I had a proper bathroom installed. And the heat is on.

Project Artaud

bijou,18 Dec 2012

Hi, in more than 30 years a lot can change. Some of your recollections match mine, others do not. The whole neighborhood has become gentrified and dear Project Artaud is keeping up as best it can. Hardly anyone needs to walk done the hallway to use a toilet and C-Ray, who had all that junk in the main hallway, has long departed.


Bijou O'Keefe,14 Feb 2013

I don't believe you stayed in my studio. However, much has changed. I was away for a year in Paris. Returning home (that's what it is to me) I am grateful for the enormous effort it has taken to keep the block on its feet. You can refer to the blog site, I doubt it's up to date. Best wishes, Bijou

Rocket Studio

Connie Fisher,22 Jun 2014

hi Bijou, just found this page again... wow, it's been over 2 years since I made that comment! I'm going to look for you on facebook.

Laylah,14 Mar 2015

I spent much of my childhood in performances or otherwise hanging out at Studio Eremos (an independent theatre that is now Z Below). I'd love to see the logo. There's not a lot out there about the theatre, but John Green was something of a performance artists' godfather to a lot of groups (including my parent's group - Handghost Theatre).

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