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Play the Ploy

Walking down the dirtied streets I watch as pointed heels strut nonchalantly by outstretched palms. My body aches from awareness and I believe I am different than the others because I feel. But the truth is, that ain’t real. To be out of the ordinary you must be extraordinary. To be extraordinary you must do what has never be done. To do what has never been done you must experiment. To experiment you must abandon all fear. To abandon all fear you must let all the evil near. To let all the evil near you must be blind. To be blind you must shed all desire to find. To shed all desire to find you must erase all knowledge. To erase all knowledge you must regress. And as you regress you will see that you will rebirth and in turn progress. I guess the only truth that is a hundred proof is that you must be no one to be everyone and you must be nothing to encompass everything. It is time to play the fucking ploy.

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