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My Time at Project Artaud

In 1972 I joined Project Artaud. My space, #218, had 720 Sq.Ft. and two curved walls. I added a 20 ft., free-span loft using three 2×12’s (glued and bolted). My space cost me 10 cents a sq. ft. ($72. per mo.) Next to me was a French painter named Jean. There were approx. 100 of us living and working there. The greasy floors had to be covered with wood and fire-rated sheet rock had to be installed – All work had to be to code so we could get the zoning changed from heavy-industrial to residential. I taught art in my space (classes through Entropy Free U.) See Also, please see my book: “Memoirs of a Boomer” (amazon & Kindle). The Biodegradable Soap Factory, Custom Down Clothing Factory, Ivan’s Custom Fibreglass Constructions, The Peoples’ Garage and two, large ferro-cement boats being built in the main parking lot and Charlie Airwaves doing his guerilla theater all over S.F. were some of the ongoing enterprises at that time. Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters came to party. Yevtuchenko read his poetry, The S.F. Mime Troupe (across the street) performed. A Basque Dance Troupe performed and stayed awhile. A licensed kitchen was set up where you could have a three-course meal for 75 cents or food stamps. Project One was just down the street from us. It was a wonderful, exciting time to be a part of Project Artaud. I have fond memories of that experience. I’m thrilled that Artaud still exists and thrives. My best to all of you. Be well. Don Lubov

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