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Jake and the Steamers

A friend recommend that I checkout a band called “Jake & Steamers”, who at the time was looking for a funky Electric Bass player type guy. Well at the time, I was one day from quitting another band and was just not ready to join another group of non-focused-on-the-future musicians. But, I decided to take my friend up on his recommendation. I made an appointment that evening sitting in with Jake & the Steamers. Once at their practice, plugged in and hitting the first note and jamming and improvising various songs, I felt like ok, it works. Now what? But, then a foxy women walks in, stepping so gracefully up to the microphone, that just so happened to be hot. Open her mouth and starting singing, as if she was rehearsing for Motown and the Grammies. I was ahhhhhh struck, at this woman who went by the name Jake. When she open her mouth again to sing another song, I had to join in a show that not only could I play bass, I could sing along with this great singer, who had lungs of a soul sister. Into the night we blew into the microphones once more for some funky Motown meets the Meters & Disco rhythms and blues. As we mix the music with her beautiful voice, I knew right then an there this is where I should be. We played well into the night and planned to make it a band that change my life during those 1983…., with Jessica, Cameron, Doug, and various other talented musicians. The band was well on it way to greatness, playing along side, Country Joe Mac Donald, late Edna James, Joe satriani at the San Francisco Filmore, Gay Pride Festivals, and other Bay Area Festivals, along side Joe Allen & Shapes, friend of Robert Palmer and our favorite venue, which is no longer open for business; The Cotati Café! My favorite night was playing along side the Untouchables, from Los Angeles. What a high energy band. After that gig my bass playing was never the same, for some reason I had more energy than normal. I miss you Jake & Steamers where ever your are. Also, Project Artaud, I will never forget you. I could go on, but, I am going to look for some song to post the Project Artaud website. Look out for Jake & the Steamers of the 80’s! Alvin aka..Al Partae Burns

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